At Expert Solution, we are proud of our high quality standards of software development. These standards allow us to provide our customers with reliable and error-free software applications, regardless of their complexity. 

Our top-notch developers use the latest software methodologies and technologies. This means that they can concentrate on our clients’ business goals and keep them involved in every stage through the entire project.
Our meticulous approach has helped us build our excellent track record with no failed or aborted projects. Our motto is: “Keep IT easy!”


Our web development team creates intuitive user experiences wrapped up in beautiful designs. Everything we create is custom and precisely made to your specification. Our web apps have found the best deals for travelers, enabled businesses to maximize their ROI, and more.


Our team builds nimble and elegant apps for all smartphone platforms. Our engineers work closely with you to understand your specifications and develop apps that provide an intuitive end user experience. Our ongoing support ensures your app is ever-ready for your users.


Our powerful data mining techniques, including automated and semi-automated data scraping and analysis services, accelerate data analysis. We specialize in creating custom models that collect data, apply the most effective analysis techniques, and convert it into actionable insights.

Project Life Cycle


Our Methodologies

Agile Model

Based on continuous iterations each having its own Design,
Development, and Testing Cycle, our Agile process enables
to deliver you solutions faster, with less need for detailed
documentation, i.e. for less investment costs and with
shorter time-to-market.



We drive you all the way through Conception, Initiation, Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing, Implementation and Maintenance stages that ensure you have the robust software meeting your goals and initial requirements.

Anything that can be connected, will be Connected

IoT Software Development

If you are an IoT startup or organization, we can enable you to execute your thought. The business of IoT (Internet of Things) has sprouted essentially in the course of the most recent few years. Each Leading Tech Giant has ventured their foot into IoT. 

Beginning from IBM, Google, Microsoft, and Apple to Intel, Cisco, Oracle.The facts confirm that IoT has officially advanced into different parts of Our Lives. Also, the day isn’t far away when the majority of our everyday exercises become mechanized, because of IoT. As a leading Software Development Company, We at Expert Solution have dependably strived to examine new technologies to receive them and Create Innovative and new Software Solutions.

IoT Services that We Provide

  • IoT Consultancy

  • IoT-wearable connectivity development

  • IoT App Development

  • Backend & API Development

  • IoT Development Solutions

  • Data Analytics with IoT

  • Support & Maintenance

There are virtually endless opportunities for the application of IoT. Such is the growth of IoT that it’s fast becoming a must-have for companies wanting to add digital presence to their existing operations, services or products. Put simply, any device with an on and off switch can be connected to the Internet and/or to each other.


We have come with a vision to be the best IT solutions and facilities provider and for the time being we kept our motivation strong with blend of hard work and providing best solutions to the organizations or individuals.We make complex hurdles, easy to overcome.


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