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Adding Synchronized Security

To Your Network

Key New Features

Synchronized Security

Lateral Movement Protection
Automatic isolation at every point in your network

Synchronized User ID
User authentication through Security Heartbeat

Central Management

Sophos Central Management
XG Firewall joins Sophos Central:
Manage all your IT security from a
single pane of glass


APX Wireless Access Points
WAVE 2 Performance:
Faster connectivity, higher capacity and
optimal performance

Top Requested Features

  • Chromebook Authentication
  • Classroom web policy overrides
  • Email anti-spam enhancements
  • Firewall rule auto grouping
  • Log viewer enhancements
  • Airgap deployment support
  • Talos IPS Enhancements

Synchronized Security: Cybersecurity as a System


Identify unknown threats

Sharing information and telemetry reveals hidden risks and unknown threats.

  • See ALL network traffic, enabling identification of risky apps and malicious traffic
  • Identify risky users by correlating behaviors across multiple activities


Get instant insights

Real-time incident analysis and cross-estate reporting deliver instant insights.

  • See the full chain of events for an incident, including all files touched, and URLs / IPs communicated with
  • Correlate network traffic to individual apps on individual computers


Get instant insights

Adaptive policies automatically isolate infections and clean-up threats – in seconds.

  • Deny non-compliant devices from accessing corporate systems
  • Stop hackers moving across your network
  • Stop real-time hacks by instantly isolating compromised devices and automatically kicking a hacker off your network

Lack of Visibility is an Issue for Everyone

  • Lack of visibility into network traffic affects all countries surveyed.
  • Most of the Countries are the least impacted with 1/3 of traffic unidentified. This may be due to:
  1. Stricter policy control
  2. Lower propensity to use SaaS/Cloud applications that are often encrypted so can’t be identified
  3. Cultural practices – lower likelihood of using non-authorized applications

Retake control of your network

Synchronized Application Control

Expose Hidden Risks

Superior visibility into risky activity, suspicious traffic, and advanced threats helps you regain control of your network.

Stop Unknown Threats

Powerful next-gen protection technologies like deep learning and intrusion prevention keep your organization secure.

Isolate Infected Systems

Automatic threat response instantly identifies and isolates compromised systems on your network and stops threats from spreading.

Stop unknown threats. Dead.

XG Firewall offers the best protection against the latest advanced threats like ransomware, cryptomining, bots, worms, hacks, breaches and APTs.

  • Powerful Sandstorm sandboxing
  • Deep learning with artificial intelligence
  • Top performing IPS
  • Advanced threat and botnet protection
  • Web protection with dual AV, JavaScript emulation and SSL inspection
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A Firewall That Thinks Like You
So you don’t need to think like a firewall.

We’ve rethought the way firewall rules and security policies are managed. Sophos XG implements an all-new powerful and flexible unified security and control model that enables you to see and manage all your user, application and network policies in a single place on a firewall rule basis.


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